Penboyr School
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Makey Makey

The name "MaKey MaKey" refers to the ability to "make" anything a "key." 

MaKey MaKey is an invention Kit that allows a world of possibilities.  It is a circuit board that turns any everyday objects that have the potential to conduct a tiny bit of electricity into a computer keyboard.  

The circuit board takes over the functionality of certain keys and by using alligator clips it can turn objects into touch pads sending key presses, mouse clicks and mouse movements to create circuits that interact with your computer. The circuit board contacts can be linked to any conductive material such as PlayDoh, vegetables, fruits, aluminum foil, finger paint, plants, coins, liquids and even graphite pencils that has been drawn on paper!

Makey Makey is a simple hands on learning and experimenting process where pupils can let their imagination run wild by interacting with technology and developing their thinking skills with the basic concepts of circuits and electricity. 

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