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J2webby is a creative platform that encourages pupils to create, share and be at the heart of the learning experience. 

It is a versatile digital space enabling digital resources to be created that scaffold pupils' learning. Both teachers and students can use j2webby to create exciting looking interactive webpages, blogs, wiki and e-portfolios simply and quickly. Videos from YouTube, images and other resources can be added just by dragging the files, embedding codes or pasting links.  

Pupils have the ability to publish and showcase their work safely to the school’s website and this is an excellent facility for engaging parents in their children’s work and promoting home / school communication.

As j2webby is web-based, changes can be made from anywhere with an Internet connection and can be immediately used either on an Apple Mac or on a Windows PC. 



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To view our ' webby ' site, please click on the j2webby logo above or click on 'J2webby - Pupils Word' on the left menu bar.