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J2launch is content management for schools. It allows pupils to manage and distribute any digital resource including web applications and content and resources created in the j2e creative toolsuite.


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J2launch is a modern and easy interface that has been designed to be the main access point to all of the Just2easy tools. The j2e tools consist of j2e5, j2webby, jit, j2code, j2bloggy, j2spotlight and j2vote. Teachers can manage files and access pupil’s files to monitor and set homework.


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It is an excellent online tool that improves pupils’ ICT skills making them aware of using the ‘cloud ’ to store their files securely. In addition to providing storage for files created in any of the j2e toolsuite, j2launch can provide storage for any document, photos, small videos or music files just by dragging into the upload area.  


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Pupils have the ability to access their files in school or at home. Every pupil has their own user name and password.  



To sign in to J2launch

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Pupils must enter:

  • the school name
  • their first name and surname
  • their password
  • click on 'sign in'


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When signed in to J2launch, the J2e Creative Toolsuite is displayed. Clicking on the the boxes will take you to the appropriate application within the suite.