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Green Screen Technology

Screen Shot 2014 10 03 At 92410 PM Green Screen
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Penboyr School uses ‘green screen’ technology!

This is a technique where pupils perform in front of a green screen. The green background is removed using chroma key technology and instantly transports the pupil anywhere in the world! It can be used to display any image as a background that will enhance presentations. This is commonly used on television when reporters are reading the weather and images are projected behind them. In reality they are standing in front of a green screen!  

Green screen technology brings the curriculum to life from the comfort of the classroom! It motivates and engages the pupils through role play! It requires innovative thinking skills to develop the material needed to extend pupils writing skills and oracy.

The pupils become the producers and camera men when directing their film which as a result promotes team work and decision making whilst exploring technology and extending their learning.