Penboyr School
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Cornerstones Curriculum

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Since September 2013, Penboyr school has been following the ‘Cornerstones’ Curriculum. 


The ‘Cornerstones Curriculum’ works in conjunction with the Welsh National Curriculum. It is a fresh, exciting approach to learning and creates a vibrant and creative thematic curriculum that puts children at its heart. It covers many interesting and imaginative learning projects, which provide hours of cross-curricular material to suit their intellectual and personal needs.

It creates a classroom environment that allows children to learn in a way that motivates and interest them. It inspires children to extend their knowledge and horizons, exciting their imagination and deepening their understanding while making learning fun and creative

The Cornerstone Curriculum features more than 70 Imaginative Learning Projects. Each project is split into sections, which see children progress through four stages of learning: 

Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express

These provide the basis on which to develop outstanding and stimulating provision.


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