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Urdd - Create a Website Competition 2012

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In 2012 Penboyr School came first in the National Urdd 'Create a Website Competition'.  The theme was 'Celebrations'.  As a church school we felt that we could publish our annual church celebrations that we as Christions, take part in.  

In 2011, after winning a competition to create a church school banner, Penboyr school were proud to carry the winning banner in Westminster Abbey in London in a service to celebrate 200 years of church schools.  The school took years 5 and 6 to this unforgettable special service.  This was also included in our celebrations website.

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Pupils from year 5 and 6 created the website using J2e, our online programme.  The website has been written from a child's perspective and includes colourful clip art, photos, films of the pupils and an interview with the Vicar Gillibrand. 

Please click on the logo above to visit our 'Celebrations' website og go to the menu on the left and click - J2Webby - Pupils Work > Websites created by children > Enillwyr Cystadlaeath Urdd

Urdd 'Create a Website Competition 2015'

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For our entry in the Urdd 'Create a Website Competition this year, our five digital leaders from years 5 and 6 created their own website about William Morgan, Mary Jones and the growth of the Welsh Bible for the Urdd 'Create a Website' competition.


This was initially a project that we were entering for the Welsh National Heritage Competition, but as the Urdd theme was appropriate to what we were studying, we took the opportunity to enter our website into the Urdd Competion.  We were successful in achieving the third award in the national Urdd Competition 2015


The Urdd theme was 'Tyfu a Ffynnu'.   As part of our curriculum, we have been studying Bishop William Morgan and the importance of the first Welsh Bible that he translated in 1588 and also Mary Jones who in 1800, walked 26 miles from her home in Llanfihangel-Y-Pennant to Bala to buy a Bible.

As we were already studying two very important periods in Welsh history, we thought that it would be interesting to see how the Welsh Bible had developed and in fact, prospered since 1588 up to the present day when the Bible can be read online. 

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To be able to understand and produce an historical account of this, further research was needed.  As well as using reliable sources on the Internet and from books, we made several educational visits to North Wales. On our first trip, year 6 visited Tŷ Mawr, Wybrnant, near Betws Y Coed,  the home of William Morgan.  We also visited the newly opened Mary Jones Centre in Bala.  We were the first school to visit the centre and are now, not only are we featured on their website, but also our photos are being prepared for using in their pamphlets!

On our second visit, year 5 had the opportunity to see the Mary Jones Centre in Bala. We concentrated on studying Mary Jones, her life and historical walk to Bala to buy a Bible. On our journey to the Mary Jones Centre, we visited her marital home in Bryn Crug, her grave at Bethlehem Chapel, her home in Llanfihagel-y-Pennant when she was a child and also St Michael's Church where she was christened.

We used a program called j2bloggy.   J2bloggy is part of the j2e online suite of tools that we use in Penboyr school on a regular basis.

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