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Awards and Achievements

At Penboyr school we enter many different competitions.  These projects benefit and appeal to the pupils by creating an exciting cross curricular learning environment.  The curriculum competitions involve community participation and an opportunity to show the pupils talents and application of skills.

Entering competitions require a certain amount of time and thought.  Subject matter is very important and the pupils enjoy linking their research from their educational trips, visits from the community, using the green screen technology, if appropriate to the project, using our radio station for interviews and information, and of course computer work to create the project content.

We try, where possible, to ensure its easy to implement any competitions within the taught curriculum studied during the year.  Some years depending on the competition theme, require a great deal of ‘thinking outside the box’, and therefore become a challenge to loosely link our curriculum topics to the competitions!  Every child has an opportunity to be involved as we alternate between KS1 and KS2 or between different year groups depending on the project.  Occasionally we produce a whole school project.   

At Penboyr we feel that regularly entering competitions is a powerful way to inspire the pupils and get them involved in activities to improve their literacy, whilst having lots of fun at the same time!

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